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Dionex ICS-2000 Reagent-Free Integrated Ion Chromatography System


The ICS-2000 system provides powerful analytical capabilities for isocratic or gradient separation of chromatographic analysis that offers superior sensitivity, accuracy, and dynamic range for many major anions and cations in a variety of sample matrices. The system features self-generating eluent system, conductivity detector, and AS40 Autosampler and Chromeleon software. It is used for analyses of major anion and cation in river, snow and rainfall samples.

Current Applications:

Anion system is set up with an IonPac AS-18 column for analysis of F, Cl, NO3, SO4, Br, PO4, etc.

Cation system is set up with an IonPac CS-12A column for analysis of Li, K, Na, Mg, Ca, NH4, etc.

Potential Capabilities:

Other ions and low MW organic molecules.

Sample Types:

Drinking water, snow, river and rainfall water, as well as other aqueous solutions containing particles not larger than 1-2 microns.

Documents & Resources:

Ion chromatography System Operator's Manual

Information on sample preservation and holding time from EPA method 300.0

Ion Chromatography in Environmental Analysis