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General guidelines for using the facility

EAL is a core facility severing all researchers on a recharge basis. New users must consult EAL director BEFORE commencing any work. For your protection, for the protection of those around you and to prevent damage to expensive equipment, no use of the facilities will be authorized until adequate training has been given or adequate previous training demonstrated.

Laboratory Safety Training and Instrumental Training: All users must meet UC Merced EH&S Training requirements pertaining to the laboratory in which they work BEFORE commencing any work in the EAL. Completion of EAL Initial Laboratory Health & Safety Training and EAL EAL Instrument-Specific Training  are required for self-operation service.    

Recharge Authorization: All users must fill out a EAL Recharge Authorization Form before commencing any work in the EAL. This form, signed by PI provides essential account information that is needed when billing for services rendered.  Even if you are not planning to use a recharge-supported instrument, we still need this information in case you wish to use some supplies or your work results in damage that is beyond what is normally considered wear and tear, or an innocent accident.

Instrument Use Record: All users must complete the logbook provided to the instruments or equipment to let EAL personnel and other users know the progress of the specific instruments or equipment.

Access Rights: On campus users can request access rights that will allow you to enter the laboratory. Issuing of access rights is done in accordance with the University’s key/card control policy that defines who can be issued a key/card, record keeping requirements, etc. This facility also has a few additional requirements.

  • You must be a UC Merced employee, a graduate student, or an active undergraduate researcher
  • You must meet the minimum laboratory and workplace safety training requirements for the facility
  • We must have your recharge-authorization on file
  • You must not share your access card with anyone