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EAL's Mercury Room
Total Organic Carbon Analyzer
Total Hg & Methyl Hg System


The Environmental Analytical Laboratory (EAL) is one of core facilities supported by the Office of Research and Economic Development. It offers instrument access and analytical service not readily available from outside sources to promote research and education program and community development on a recharge basis.

Mission Statement: The EAL provides analytical expertise to facilitate research and education program and foster inter- and multi-disciplinary collaboration among academic researchers, government agencies and research-based businesses on a recharge basis. Our goal is to make expensive but frequently needed multi-purpose instruments available and affordable to all researchers at a modest cost with full technical support. To achieve our mission, the EAL offers users with high quality, timely and affordable analytical service through its reliable, well-maintained research-grade instrumentation, established standard operating procedures (SOPs), comprehensive user training and technical support. The facility supports comprehensive user training, self-operation instrument use, certain instrument drop-off service, new project and grant proposal assistance and technical consultation.


The EAL is equipped with an array of state-of-the-art instrumentation and sample preparation equipment located in the Biomedical Science and Physics Building, Rooms 18A, 18B, 18C,    and 18G at the UC Merced main campus.

It offers rapid and accurate measurements in environmental materials- including water, soil      and biological samples—for major and trace elements, selected chemical species, nutrients      and stable isotopes to meet a wide range of analytical needs in support of diverse research and education programs in environmental, chemical, biological, the Earth systems, ecological    sciences and engineering.

Please browse the list of major instruments and their capabilities for details.