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DLT-100 Liquid Water Isotope Analyzer


Liquid-Water Isotope Analyzer is used for measurement of hydrogen and oxygen isotope ratios in liquid water samples.

  • The DLT-100 Liquid-Water Isotope Analyzer uses tunable, off-axis integrated-cavity laser spectroscopy developed by Los Gatos Research to measure hydrogen and oxygen isotopic composition (δ18O and δ2H) in liquid water samples.
  • 1mL aliquots of sample are required. 6 replicates are sequentially measured for each sample through an auto-injector. The first 3 measurements are discarded to eliminate memory effects, and the average of the last 3 measurements (#4-6) is used for isotope ratio calculations. Working standard references calibrated against NIST standard reference materials (VSMOW, GISP, and SLAP) are dispersely in the sample sequence. Sample isotope ratios are converted to Del notation based on working standard references.
  • Precision is about 0.8 or less for δ2H and 0.3 or less for δ18O.
  • For more information on the theory of instrument operation please refer to the webiste of Los Gatos Research:


Hydrogen and oxygen isotopic composition (δ18O and δ2H) in liquid water samples.

Sample Types:

Lake, river, snow, drinking water, etc.